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Baby spoon bottle feeder

Baby spoon bottle feeder

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 "Your Solution for a Happier, Cleaner, and Healthier Feeding Experience!"

Parents and caregivers, are you ready to revolutionize the way you feed your little one? Introducing the Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder - the innovative feeding tool designed to make the transition from liquid to solid foods seamless and stress-free!

Our Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder combines the convenience of a bottle with the functionality of a spoon. This unique design allows for controlled, mess-free feeding, perfect for babies starting on solids. Imagine feeding your baby purees and cereals with no spills or splatters - a cleaner, happier mealtime is now within reach!


  • Convenience at Its Best: Specially designed for on-the-go parents. Whether you’re traveling or juggling a busy schedule, this all-in-one feeder ensures a hassle-free mealtime.
  • Controlled and Healthy Feeding: Manage portion sizes effortlessly, ensuring your baby gets the right amount of nutrition without the risks of overfeeding or underfeeding.
  • Mess-Free, Stress-Free: Say goodbye to messy feeding sessions. Our feeder minimizes spills, making clean-ups a breeze!
  • Supports Developmental Growth: Encourage self-feeding skills and ease the transition to solids, fostering independence and motor development in your child.
  • Hygienic Feeding Solution: Reduce contamination risks with a direct, clean dispensing method from bottle to spoon.

Risks of Not Using:

  • Increased Mess and Clean-Up: Traditional feeding methods can be chaotic. Avoid the extra hassle and time spent cleaning up.
  • Missed Opportunity for Easier Transitions: Make the shift from liquid to solid feeding smoother for your baby, avoiding potential resistance or discomfort.
  • Less Efficient On-the-Go Feeding: Don’t let feeding challenges disrupt your travel plans or outings.
  • Potential Overfeeding or Underfeeding: Gain better control over your baby’s dietary intake for optimal health.

Don't wait to make mealtime a joyous, clean, and efficient experience for you and your baby. Embrace the change with the Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder. Click the link now to order yours and embark on a journey of hassle-free, healthy feeding!


Product information:

- Capacity: 120 ml
- Material: Spoon head, bottle body [food grade silicone], other food grade PP
- Disinfection: Can be 120 degrees or less, boiled or steamed
It is used to feed semi-liquid complementary food, bottle-grade liquid silica gel, as long as the bottle is gently squeezed, the food will flow out from the spoon hole, which is convenient for feeding, allowing the baby to smoothly transition to the solid food stage.

- Bottle body: silicone, high temperature resistance 120 degrees, can be disinfected
- Spoon head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees, can be disinfected
- The link of the bottle head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees, can be disinfected
- Cover of the spoon head: polypropylene (PP), high temperature resistance 180 degrees
- Adapt to age: 3 months
-  Bottle capacity (90ml)


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